1995 2.0

1995 is a sculptural glitch art installation that combines the beauty and frustration of the 1995 operating system Windows 95. The piece’s aesthetics and glitchy sounds are designed to trigger nostalgia and uneasiness for its viewers (especially those who experienced the operating system first hand).

The piece is shown on four screens via parallel computing through a Raspberry Pi cluster (4 pis in total). The cluster consisted of 3 Raspberry Pi 1s with a Raspberry Pi 3 master node used to mount all other Pi nodes onto. Using the mpi4py Python package and omxplayer, the master node executes a Python script that sends and syncs the program to the other three nodes, each executing their respective portion of the code to play a loop of Windows 95 visuals I created using found footage and After Effects.

The work was recently featured in an exhibition in University of California San Diego’s Kamil Gallery in the Exhibit.ICAM.Worm@kamil art show, from February 27th through March 1st.

If you would like to build your own Raspberry Pi cluster, I wrote a tutorial here you can follow.
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